The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program

Just all things considered, Volvo is conveying your real vehicle, not a rental or substitute vehicle. This vehicle is yours to use in Sweden and Europe and it will at that point be dispatched back, and at last conveyed to your Volvo vendor, for our situation to a business in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The delivery interaction takes around six

To about two months from Sweden toward the East Coast. Delivery is liberated from Gothenburg, yet on the off chance that you drop your vehicle off in an alternate area (Denmark or Germany for instance), there are additional expenses.

We dropped our vehicle off close to Copenhagen, and were charged about $500 for transportation. This appeared to be exceptionally reasonable and a vastly improved option than attempting to circle around back to Gothenburg to drop off the vehicle.

After an unassuming lunch speedily served by Volvo, we were guided into a Disneyworld like cable car, volvo delovi for the manufacturing plant visit. This was a beneficial use of 60 minutes, the visit is fascinating, educational and noteworthy.

Volvo whisked our gathering of around 20 individuals

All through their processing plant, showing everything from robotized welding and get together, to perplexing hand get together, clarifying how the vehicle moves from sheet metal to completed item on the line. When we finished the visit, we explored without utilization of a route framework back to our inn, short a couple of wrong turns some streetcar traffic difficulties, we had the option to valet leave our vehicle at the Radisson SAS, our home for 4 days and 3 evenings praises of Volvo (new Volvo clients are furnished with 1 night convenience).

The following day, we left Gothenburg, traveling south toward Malmo. The little Garmin effectively explored us through Welsingbord, Varborg, Lund and into Malmo, and did so honorably. Extraordinary destinations along the course incorporated the Varberg Fortress, Helsingborg Kärnan Tower, and Kulturen, an assortment of more than 30 structures on the planet’s second most established outdoors gallery situated in Lund.