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How much is the down payment on an apartment and how can you save to pay it?

Down payment of an apartment

You are getting closer and closer to fulfilling the dream of having a new home, thanks to different opportunities that companies like Vínculo Desarrollo Inmobiliario offer for the down payment of an apartment.

You can finally have your dream home, and best of all: your own! But before you start to materialize your project you should know everything about the payments.

Do you know that to have your own apartment you must start with the down payment? Do you know how much this is? If you don’t know, you shouldn’t worry, because in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the initial fee, how to save it, some tips that can help you and the payment method that you can implement while booking a property in blue world city Islamabad.

Before you read this guide on how to save for your down payment, you should know the housing project that has revealed to you. At Vínculo Desarrollo Inmobiliario we have VIS projects in Caldas, Antioquia, an area strategically located in the south of the Aburrá Valley, which is achieving greater appreciation for its rural and safe environment, and which is increasingly being welcomed by families who move to this area of ​​the Metropolitan Area.

How much is the down payment for an apartment? Locate your ideal home.

With Vínculo, you will pay the initial instalment of the property you wish to acquire in modest monthly instalments, from the moment you separate your home, until the delivery of your future home.

The down payment of the apartments is determined by the housing projects. However, in Vínculo Desarrollo Inmobiliario, the average of this fee can be between 30% and 40% of the total value of the property.

To know how to calculate the down payment of the apartment you want to buy, it is important to look for a home that meets your expectations of cost, location and, of course, your income, so you can be clear about the amount of the down payment that will be required when you go to Make the purchase.

How to calculate the down payment of an apartment

 The amount of the initial instalment is quantified taking into account the total cost of the apartment, on average this percentage is 30%, the remaining 70% can be obtained with a bank for a mortgage credit modality and taking advantage of the different types of subsidies of housing.

How to start being disciplined?

Buying your new apartment is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have in your life, to achieve it you must be constant with the saving of your initial fee, assign a specific amount that you can save each month, allocating a certain amount of money to achieve your goal.

Get organized, make your process much easier and visualize the dream that you want to fulfill so much.

Tips that you can follow to effectively save the monthly money of your initial fee.

These are some of the tips you can follow to effectively save the amount to pay the monthly allowance for your initial instalment:

  • Plan all of your finances
  • Establish what will be the monthly amount that you intend to save.
  • Save any extra income you can.
  • Eliminate some purchases and expenses that become unnecessary.
  • Don’t spend more money than you can earn.
  • Save severance payments as a form of savings.
  • Plan what your expenses are below your income.
  • Pay off the debts that are earning the most interest first.

These tips to internalize the habit of saving are necessary, not only for the payment of the initial instalment, but to understand how to pay an apartment in instalments, because after starting the purchase process the challenge is to maintain a fixed strategy, according to type of credit or financing that you have chosen and achieve the home title deed process.

You should also bear in mind that with the savings and using the severance payments, the value of the monthly payments may decrease.

For this, it is also important to choose a project that gives you a long term to pay the initial fee, most VIS homes grant a 28-month term, but it is possible to have up to 3 years to pay the initial fee. You can find project from Tajarat properties.

The way to pay your initial fee.

Usually, the initial instalment of the apartment you want to acquire can be paid from the moment you make the separation until the moment of delivery of the house. With Vínculo you can access payment terms much longer than usual, which go in projects such as Voláre Golondrina, with a 40-month term; Up to 50 months for the initial term with Serranía Campestre.

You can pay your initial financed fee.

Regarding No Vis homes, there is the possibility that banks, or financial entities or construction companies can finance your down payment in fractions. However, you should consider whether this option meets your needs and demands.

It is, in this sense, how with Vínculo you can fulfill your dream of owning your own home, accessing the advantages that we give you for access to the opportunities we offer to pay your down payment and more.

Benefits of buying off-plan apartments in 2020.

Buying an apartment off plans in the middle of 2020 is a project that is more profitable and much cheaper. It is to be able to acquire a property through a construction plan and a design that is being executed in progress, and to be able to know, first-hand, the initial adjustments and the projections that have for the construction of the real estate project.

Among the elements that constitute the purchase of a home on plans there are two very important factors that must be taken into account when starting a project of such magnitude; these are:


One of the advantages of buying a home on plans is that you have the possibility of paying for the property in instalments, a situation that becomes, first: a relief for the buyer’s pocket, and second: it puts the buyer in an advantageous position. customer, since you are thinking about your economy and the needs that, as a consumer, you have in your daily life.

Low fees

It is important to know that if you are looking for a property to buy, it can be much better to pay low monthly payments that will make the project of acquiring an apartment a reality.

This is possible today with the facilities that exist to acquire a home, among them we find: subsidies, interest rates at very low levels and the possibility of paying the initial instalment in instalments with financial figures such as fiduciary.

One of the advantages of acquiring an apartment on plans is that if compared with a lease, the royalties, for this year, rose by 5.75%, while buying an apartment under this real estate figure allows the recovery of the investment, be it whether to use the home or not.

One benefit of buying an apartment on plans is being able to finance the initial payment of the house, which in a first sense can be 20%, 30% or of the total cost of the property, and that the remaining percentage can be financed through a bank.

Beyond these elements there are very important benefits and advantages that are found under the desire to buy an apartment off plans; let’s see what they are:

1. Confidence in investment

Buying a house off plans is much more profitable, since the property, after the completion of its construction, acquires a valuation.

Natalia Upegui, Comfenalco Antioquia’s real estate sales coordinator, affirms that: “Trust is the key factor in these businesses.”

2. Profitability and recovery of investment

Something that guarantees the purchase of an apartment on plans is the profitability of the investment, since the price of the property is defined at the beginning of the business and does not change, on the contrary, a property on plans is acquired at a much lower price, and when the apartment is finished it is valued and the property acquires a much higher price than the initially agreed, which is defined in profits for the buyer.

3. Design

One of the benefits of buying an apartment off plans is that you can propose modifications of finishes, location of zones, spaces that adapt to the specific tastes and economic capacity of the buyer.

4. Liquidity

Under this figure, facilities and a long payment period are offered, where the initial instalment of the apartment is paid in parts during the time that the construction of the property is delayed.

5. Personalization

One of the advantages of acquiring an apartment on plans is that it gives you control of the project over your personal preferences, that is, it allows you to request the plans of the property, details of the spaces, the materials that are going to be used, and the possibility of agreeing with the construction company how you would like to receive the apartment when it is finished.

How to fix an apartment in gray work

Knowing how to fix an apartment in gray work does not have to be a tedious task. It can even become a short-term goal to decorate and finish the finishes of your own house, obtaining surprising results that will economically and sentimentally value your home.

And even better, designed entirely according to your own taste and style.  Nowadays it is easy and also possible to make finishes for an apartment of these characteristics within reach of the pocket.

Something that would give joy and satisfaction to feel like the owner of a home in which you contributed a grain of sand and that was, in part, designed by yourself: a home for the family and the future of the children.

According to the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol), the increase in the supply of gray works, which in Colombia is close to 90% and in other areas such as the centre of the national territory, which is 95%, has forced families to that include within their accounts an additional sum to finish the finishes of their homes in gray work.

Buying a new home is now easier. You can get housing projects in sabaneta on plans and in gray work, which you can adapt to the style that you like the most.

With the aim that you can find out the necessary information to finish your apartment in gray work, at Vínculo Desarrollo Inmobiliario we have compiled some data that can be very useful:

How much does it cost to fix an apartment in gray work?

Carrying out finishes in gray brick apartments, according to post-sale surveys conducted by Camacol, can have an average value of 17 million pesos in 68% of the people who bought a gray construction home in the city of Bogotá. Approximately 10.9% of the value of the home acquired.

In the case of VIS homes, according to the same Camacol surveys, 76% of people made arrangements for values ​​that were around 14 million pesos.

Keys to save on the finishes of your home in gray work.

We present some key points that you should keep in mind if you want to save when fixing your apartment in gray work:

  1. By being able to divide the apartment and distribute the positions of the different parts of the property, you can save by buying the materials that best fit your budget.
  2. You can play with exposed concrete, so you can save on materials if you are going to achieve the dynamism between the concrete and the way you will decorate the apartment.
  3. See that the electrical installations are in optimal condition.
  4. Make sure the sanitary facilities are where they were planned in the design.

By following these key practices, you can reduce the costs of future unforeseen events that you have not taken into account when finishing your apartment.

Tips for achieving inexpensive finishes.

 If you want to achieve quality finishes, aesthetic but that in turn do not go out of your budget, you should follow the following useful and practical tips:

  • Calculate a fixed budget and do not get out of it: it seems logical but calculating a budget will help you project the necessary expenses and eliminate the unnecessary ones.
  • Understand your needs: see what you can really add to the decoration of your apartment in gray work, if it is necessary, if you will use it and if it does not reflect an unnecessary expense.
  • Use temporary wallpaper: In many cases, the use of wallpaper can be, in the long term, much cheaper than using expensive paints.
  • Get creative with your use of curtains – choosing the right curtains can make your apartment look much larger and can take up space that you might be wasting on unnecessary decorations.
  • Use the lights to your advantage: the correct use of a set of lights can make your apartment acquire more elegance, without having to resort to buying expensive decorations that only take up space and waste your money.
  • Prioritize in the tiling: measure how much amount of tile you need according to the size of the pieces that most attract your attention and of course, under the measurements of your home or the areas that you are going to tile, whether they are the bathroom or the kitchen, like this you can avoid buying more than necessary.
  • Optimize resources when buying bathroom accessories: buy faucets, toilets and other bathroom accessories in combo, in this way you can reduce their cost. It also tries to think about how to save water consumption and make the best possible use of space.

How to decorate an apartment in gray work without going out of your budget?

You must establish some priorities that, in the medium term, will make your decisions the correct way to achieve the finishes of your apartment and do it in a way that does not exceed your established budget.

We show you some tips that you can follow to achieve your goal:

Monitor the work:

See how the walls, balconies, floors, windows, electrical and sanitary installations are.

Establish priorities:

Buy modular kitchens that can be adapted to the spaces of your home, buy accessories for your bathroom that are national (it will be much cheaper to get their spare parts), veneer the floor with inexpensive and aesthetic materials such as ceramic.

Calculate your budget and carry out the works little by little:

You do not have to make the adjustments to your house in its entirety at once, you can do it little by little and calculate the expenses that you are having.

 With these useful tips you can achieve an optimization in the expenses of your economic resources during the arrangements of your apartment in gray work, and the best, without going out of your budget.


Online Furniture Shopping tips

Online furniture shopping can be very practical and efficient. Indeed, you can get the best costs for furniture and different things on the web. This strategy for shopping has overwhelmed the world. It has acquired a ton of importance and significance in the most recent decade. Despite the fact that, web has been around for over 19 years, it has seen outstanding achievement just over the most recent multi decade.

Web is a medium that has given another measurement to shopping. Prior, retail shopping controlled the commercial center and the World Wide Web was not liked by purchasers. Clients were regularly distrustful about the nature of the items, evaluating, and plan, etc thus there were relatively few online purchasers.

Additionally, there were different feelings of trepidation too like fakes, security of online exchanges, dread of infection and other destructive PC dangers. In any case, purchasers have now become PC sagacious and are not as hesitant as they used to be. Indeed, purchasers these days like to purchase online because of different focal points. best online furniture shop in India is a mainstream decision among purchasers.

Web based purchasing is a medium that permits shippers to sell their items and administrations straightforwardly to the clients. This disposes of the chain of wholesalers, merchants and retailers. Thus, the shipper can save the commission, which is generally paid to the middle people. The trader ordinarily decides to pass this advantage to the clients and offers the item or administration at a limited rate. Such a plan is useful to both the purchaser and vender.

The purchaser gets the items at a limited cost while the vender keeps on getting a charge out of steadfast clients. The vender additionally gets verbal exposure and it is a mutually advantageous arrangement for the two players. Online furniture shopping also chips away at similar standards. You can save money on teak garden furniture and get the best arrangements on the web. Moreover, you can be have confidence about the quality since the things are marked.

Internet shopping has numerous different favorable circumstances. For example, you can shop from the solace of your home. There is no compelling reason to visit a shop as you just need to sign on to the particular site that bargains in what you need to purchase and submit the request. In addition, the request would be conveyed to your home.

You likewise get a credit period since you can make the installment with a Mastercard. It additionally offers an immense assortment since there are numerous items and brands that are accessible under one rooftop. It empowers you to analyze costs and pick the best items. In reality, online furniture shopping is advantageous and savvy.

You can browse a wide assortment of items and brands from the solace of your home. The rundown is interminable and you can profit by purchasing on the web. It is a protected and efficient method of shopping.

Online gateways offer a wide assortment of items and administrations. These locales additionally offer blessing endorsements that you can use for gifting your friends and family. You can buy in to their pamphlet to get refreshes about the most recent offers and limits. Online furniture shopping is a decent choice as it offers a great deal of assortment to you.


Crypto TREND 2020-21

They may request public government backing or look for private speculation. A few ICO’s have had major issues, and numerous financial backers are wary that any new symbolic will have esteem, particularly if the ICO ends up being an another joke or trick. Bitcoin surely was serious stuff.


We didn’t make reference to ICO in the primary release of Crypto Trend, so how about we notice it now. In contrast to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), where an organization has a genuine item or administration available to be purchased and needs you to purchase partakes in their organization, Crypto an ICO can be held by any individual who needs to start another Blockchain project with the goal of making another token on their chain. ICO’s are unregulated and a few have been all out hoaxes.

A real ICO can anyway raise a great deal of money to subsidize another Blockchain venture and organization. It is normal for an ICO to produce a high symbolic cost close to the beginning and afterward sink back to reality before long. Since an ICO is moderately simple to hold in the event that you know the innovation and have a couple of bucks, there have been many, and today we have around 800 tokens in play.

Every one of these tokens have a name

They are all crypto money, and with the exception of the very notable tokens, as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, they are named alt-coins. Right now Crypto Trend doesn’t suggest partaking in an ICO, as the dangers are amazingly high.

As we said in Issue 1, this market is the “wild west” at the present time, and we are suggesting alert. A few financial backers and early adopters have made enormous benefits in this market space; be that as it may, there are numerous who have lost a ton, or all. Governments are thinking about guidelines, as they need to think about each exchange to burden them all. They all have tremendous obligation and are broke.


10 Tips on How to Write a Mega Hit Article on LinkedIn

Beginning my article composing venture

I was demoralized by each one of those specialists who demanded that taking whenever longer than a half hour to make an article was unpardonable. I nearly surrendered.

A few articles, similar to assessment articles, come directly all things considered. Maybe the psyche dominates and the words stream. You can undoubtedly type one of those out quickly.

I wouldn’t ensure that the spelling and language in that quick composed assessment piece would meet the endorsement of my secondary school English educator, however it would be a composed article. What might be said about composing content rich articles on subjects that you know next to no about?

I don’t think about you, however I find that it takes me around two hours to finish an elegantly composed quality substance article. Here’s the reason.

It takes me about an hour once in a while

More to investigate and compose the article. It requires another half-hour to alter the article. How might you watch that the catchphrase thickness is fitting, that spelling and language structure are right, watch that the realities are exact, lastly, embed the proper watchword anchor joins in the article where suitable quickly? Huh? I ask you.

Also the time and exertion to submit articles to various article registries, each catalog has its own arranging necessities and accommodation eccentricities that you need to check and get directly to meet the indexes acknowledgment.

I don’t think it is all in all correct to lecture or show new article authors that they ought to have the option to siphon out ten or twelve articles per day a few hours, Theworldarticle to submit articles for distribution, and afterward to anticipate that the money should stream in.

It is conceivable to make articles quickly or less in the event that you don’t tally research, altering, organizing and accommodation. I speculate it involves your goal. I do ponder about the nature of the substance.


International News At Your Fingertips

Notwithstanding, it’s not possible for anyone to deny the way that there are numerous focal points in joining a news local area, as some of them are as per the following.

It’s Easier to Find and Read News

News people group are devoted to their objective – to carry the furthest down the line news to the perusers. thehitmensite Subsequently, their sites offer only what’s going on around the globe. While everyone needs to flip pages when perusing a newspaper, news sites online simply need a tick of the mouse and a couple of composing to discover and peruse the freshest news.

Bother Free

The way that you can have the option to peruse news whenever, anyplace on the off chance that you have a PC or a PC is the motivation behind why joining news networks is an issue free action for news perusers. Furthermore, many individuals these days need that.

News are Updated

In the event that there is one thing Internet can do best, it is the means by which it can serve the freshest data on the web. Everyone would now be able to alter or refresh their sites or websites in a moment. Accordingly, perusers can be guaranteed that what they are perusing is refreshed and not out of date. In contrast to the newspapers, you need to trust that the following distribution will arrive at your entryway before you will realize that an update has been made for past distribution.

There are a ton of favorable circumstances you can really appreciate with online news, be that as it may, the ones referenced here are the most well-known ones. Whatever perspective you may think about a News Community and newspaper, you will realize that online news are served better, quicker and more exact than those which are served on paper media.

However much the sun sparkles during the day and the moon around evening time, things happen each second. Furthermore, consistently is a chance for news authors and journalists.


How To Find The Most Relevant News Items Online

In any case, discussing Arab news alone

At that point it incorporates not just a particular city or town of this Arab Country however every single corner of the Arab country from north to south and east to west, it incorporates all. Absolutely, everything from day by day happenings of around the globe, including exchange and improvement news, is remembered for the Arab world news. For this inescapable inclusion, there are various productive sources that are obligated to the news habitats across the globe, which shower their sheer endeavors and difficult work for carrying the happenings of whole globe to one specific zone.

Furthermore, the nation brags of its colossal Arab news’ organization. Middle Easterner news network is known among the greatest and most famous news gathering platform across the globe. There are a range of channels and newspapers that have contributed large to make the Arab news network develop further as well.

Bedouin News network guarantees

A broad inclusion of the nearby just as the local news too. From Islam based, business or sports news to the news from the nearby business holders, the various newspapers diverts serving in the nation professes to be separately chipping away at a boundless stage along these lines catching news identified with every single viewpoint.

We as a whole are well acquainted with the way that modernization and more current methods are assuming control over the more seasoned ones. Likewise the current patterns have now purchased out web correspondence to serve individuals as a decent mean to peruse and gather information about the world around undertakings and news, on which the whole globe is needy at present.

Independent of a specific region of interest, web has today become a powerful wellspring of data be it in any field you name and want to gather data about. What’s more, this is the explanation that for showering greater unwavering quality and speed in it, it currently has its suggestion in pretty much every new measurement.


Reimage Licenses Key Involved With Application Software

Certainly one of the primary difficulties using computer software applications could be that your licensing legal rights connected with all the evolution of the computer software.

Intellectual property rights comprises the copyright

Trademark or patent a part of the applications and also its own particular programmer. These legal rights are available in assorted types of willingness, and also the capacity to replicate that the applications plus also they also comprise abandon-ware, shareware, freeware, public domain and also available supply.

Public domain Name is whenever the writer of this program admits the code can’t ever be copyrighted. Opensource has turned into really the most intricate as it might be liberated and you also has to cover this. Nevertheless, the gap of the program is the fact it provides an individual the potential to use the code to come up with derivative applications purposes from this.

Generally in the majority of instances

Such a program demands an attribution for the initial writer and also that can be commonly the sole real requirement in case payment isn’t essential.

In addition, as soon as a user buys an application application program, such as for example for instance Microsoft apps, the man or woman is currently purchasing a duplicate of this app it self and also the best way to use it. Generating a replica with this backup is prohibited, but for a straight back up backup with all the aim to substitute for the initial in case of an unanticipated event or when consent is given under one other kinds of permits.

Freeware is no cost for anybody to utilize, though it’s still copyrighted. Reimage license key Abandon-ware can be a kind of concealing the applications as copyright legislation expressly say anything with no copyright should be left handed necessitates that the unique holder of their legal rights to become useless for 70 decades or’ve marketed the legal rights to some body who left public. Shareware could be your sort that provides totally free trials afterward requires an individual to cover by the conclusion of the demo time interval.


What Are Solar Panels?

Panels containing natural solar cells may turn into the best solar panels later on, sempersolaris as they can be delivered at moderately low expenses. As of now their proficiency is still low (pigmented Grätzel-cells have max. 10 %, others are lower) and their future is short (5000 hours). However, remember them for convenient electric gadgets.

Solar module proficiency

Continuously take a gander at the proficiency of the all out solar module, not just of the individual solar cell and know that high productivity degrees aren’t anything without a high least justified force rating. (see next passage)

Solar module power rating

It enlightens you regarding the wattage of the specific solar electric module. Make a point to check the (justified) least force since the greatest force, expressed in Peak Watt (Wp), is constantly estimated under standard test conditions (STC). As y- Flat film indistinct silicon cells (a-Si) have a productivity of 5%- – 7% (best solar panels in deals at thetime)

Microcrystalline silicon cells (µc-Si) in blend with a-Si cells have up to 10%

Gallium-Arsenik cells (GaAs), Cadmium-Tellur cells (CdTe) and Chalkopyrite cells (CIS, CIGS) have levels of proficiency from 10 to more than 40% (GaAs). They are not (yet) reasonable for most private clients, in light of the factou most likely are aware, nature isn’t a research facility. It gives genuine live conditions and they can contrast shockingly from various perspectives.

Activity voltage

Open circuit voltage, expressed in Volts (V), is the most extreme voltage a solar cell produces when enlightened and not associated with a heap. The more sweltering the Solar Panels get, the lower the open circuit voltage gets.

Temperature working reach (TOR)

As referenced above, activity voltage diminishes with expanding temperatures. Ensure the TOR suits your neighborhood environment conditions.


Consider that you are buying a delicate innovative item that might be introduced on your roof and ought to be have the option to withstand broiling sun just as wind, hail and hefty snow loads. Pick the correct mounting framework. Medium obligation is acceptable, rock solid is better.


Where Can I Take My Dog? To The Beach?

A simple solution todo so

Would be to make use of coconut butter (or some thing like this as cream cheese or cheese spread) and sour apple (you may get this on the internet or at pet shops ). Set bitter apple to the infant’s toys along with peanut-butter onto your pet’s possessions. Just before you provide the pet the decision regarding what he desires, choose a tiny sour apple onto your own finger and then wash it on in your pet’s mouth.

This may assist your pet to instantly recognize

The horrible flavor on toys. In the event you don’t try that bitter apple regularly dilutes along with your pet should have the ability to have the infant toys as the flavor will be bearable. Be certain you get some snacks prepared to benefit your pet when he selects his possessions on child. Put your puppy’s leash and you’re prepared to get started. Place the “conspicuous” toys onto to the ground and allow your pet pick that toys he favors.

When he tries to select the infant toys

Then let him”no, leave-it”, also should mandatory tug away him together using all the leash using a fast rotational movement. Why do not attempt and hurt canine, simply provide a fast correction since you replicate “no, leave-it”. Whenever your puppy does “depart” the babies toys praise and cure.

You may even teach your pet the notions of “Mine”, “newborn’s” and “Yours” by the addition of these terms into the practice periods. After canine goes because of his possessions you may state, “Great! Yours!” After canine goes to your infant possessions state, “No, Leave-it,” newborn’s”. You may use precisely exactly the exact identical theory as properly used to your infant toys whenever canine trying to find some thing which is yours by simply substituting “Mine” set up of “newborn’s.”


Different Methods of Hair Removal

Please notice also, if a hair loss merchandise, as an instance, comprises green tea extract along with shear butter, then you are going to understand the effectiveness of those all-natural ingredients by using this hair thinning item.

An individual could call for several decades

Of comprehension concerning those peeling arrangements of individual hair follicles and also of their entire world’s hair exchange it self to productively make certain the individual hair that they sell will be really are tender, obviously glistening and provide a straight forward experience while still installed inside the receivers hair follicles

On your forties, hair drops right into an identical type as scanning eyeglasses; a few times your own eyes seem nice and several times you cannot browse your own research. 1 morning that your own hair looks precisely exactly the exact very same as consistently as well as the next day you affirm that your role is becoming broader. At fault can be hormone imbalance inducing the own hair follicle to eventually become thinner and not as ample. It’s very crucial to speak with a health care provider, a Trichologist, and also a baldness control pro in the event that you’re worried.

Together with my expertise

The secret would be intervention only at that time. You can not turn the clock back however, you are able to keep hair-loss from becoming worse; yet a very fantastic hair thinning control app might create a big change. The brand new, quickest expanding tendency is athome laser laser hair loss recovery therapy.
Eat those advocated resources of foodstuff Not only any foods origin could manage hair at a fantastic method. Healthful eating will be your adequate means to accomplish this, however only as long as you have the most suitable food items.