mystic messenger emails important character Ray

Ray Mystic Messenger otherwise known as ‘Obscure’ is the principle enemy of the Mystic Messenger game and complete guide line about mystic messenger emails received from ray. His genuine name is Saeran Choi and he is the twin sibling of 707.

He is additionally an individual from Mint Eye a mystery faction association. Prior to the disclosure of his personality, his name is appeared as three question marks (???). In another story mode, his name is Ray.

Mystic Messenger Ray has pink-tipped white hair and mint shading eyes. In Casual and Deep Story he wears a dark cowhide coat over his red tank top. He has a dark choker around his neck constantly. His dark spiked wristband can never go unnoticed. On his correct shoulder, he has a Mint eye image inked. In a couple of occasions, the player can see him wearing a dark veil that covers half of his lower face.

Ray’s Nature

Ray Mystic messenger sees himself as a heavenly attendant of God who will lead all the individuals from RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association) to salvation and redemption from sins by snare or by convict.

Ray has a solid arouse towards his sibling 707 and V and he frequently calls them swindlers. He despises 707 more than anyone in light of disregarding him and looks for vengeance. He is so fixated on rendering retribution on 707 that he is eager to hurt any individual who comes his direction.

The mint eye tattoo on his shoulder shows his furious dependability and faithfulness toward the mint eye. In any case, it is uncovered that his faithfulness with the mint eye is because of the explanation that he was programmed and tranquilized to accept that he was disregarded by his sibling when he was more youthful. In another course, ray gets incredibly fixated on the player and needs to keep her on his side regardless.


Saeran/Ray mystic messenger and Saeyoung are the ill-conceived offspring of a well off legislator. Their mom abused their characters by pushing and driving their dad to pay quiet cash. They were mishandled by their mom since their youth. Since Saeran was the more fragile of the two so he needed to endure more and he turned out to be sick more than his twin sibling Saeyoung.

Saeran began to take in hacking from a reading material to liberate himself and his sibling from the awful remorselessness of their mom. In any case, when he turned into a decent programmer Saeyoung left since he was extended to an extraordinary employment opportunity by V. V likewise made Saeyoung vow not to tell Saeran of his whereabouts.

Because of the nonappearance of Saeyoung, Saeran turned out to be more powerless against his mom’s maltreatment and that made him antagonistic towards everyone except particularly towards Saeyoung for disregarding him.

Last Word

Mystic messenger Ray is an attractive youngster loaded with scorn and retaliation in his blood. He will cause an awful closure for you yet on the off chance that you need to encounter how romancing such a person would feel free to take the mystic messenger ray course. Leave us your survey of Saeran underneath in the remarks.