Apple Still Dominates Smartphone Software Market

As Palm takes ever longer jumps and walks toward unseating the King of Smartphones in the equipment fragment of the market by consenting to let Amazon sell the Palm Pre for just $100 (with a 2-year Sprint contract), Apple keeps on ruling in the product market, in any event with regards to cell phone applications, that is.

Just as of late, the Apple iTunes App Store denoted its 2 billionth download.

The 1 billionth iPhone application download just happened only a couple of months sooner Download GTA V Game For Windows – on April 23, 2020 to be exact. Which loans to the topic of whether a 3 billionth or even a 4 or 5 billionth iPhone application download will happen before the finish of this current year.

At the point when an iPhone client scored that 1 billionth benchmark, Apple granted him (or her) an entire group of free treats from Apple. Will the 2 billionth downloader get a similar help? The Apple public statement on the accomplishment specifies nothing regarding the matter, so it’s suspicious. Perhaps for the 1 billionth (with its fourteen day special mission paving the way to it) Apple thought it required the additional push to get those applications downloaded.

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